Pangaea Works

Pangaea is an extraordinary Canadian pharma consulting group that does amazing things for our clients.

How We Work

Whether we’re helping you change your company culture to enable your strategy, prepare for loss of product exclusivity, or break into the long-term-care channel, our process ensures you’re never in the dark.

1. Identify Your Goals

We listen to where you’re at, what keeps you awake at night and where you want to go. We listen and uncover what your business issues are, from strategic and tactical planning and implementation, to resource allocation or corporate culture realignment. We take the time to play back what we heard, to make sure we are on the same page.

2. Capabilities Presentation

We’ll show you just what we can do. We’ll review our teams’ knowledge, expertise and capabilities in the areas where we can collaborate with you to achieve your identified goals.

We have a stable of senior executives with knowledge and insights that can bring valuable perspectives and experiences to your organization.

3. Proposal

Develop a Plan

We plot a roadmap that takes advantage of your current resources and identifies gaps with a plan to fill them.

Assemble the Team

Your team will be made up of some of the industry’s brightest Our diversity is our strength. Each of our team members has a broad range of skills and specialties, and deep expertise (20+ years each)—so you can be assured of a “dream team” for your project.

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We present you with the right options and pricing to ensure we can work together.

4. Execution

Provide Support

We’ll be your extra hands. Pangaea has the resources to step in to handle the nitty-gritty details of executing your customized plan. Or we can provide mentoring and project management support for you and your team through the duration of our work together. We adapt to your needs.

Review Progress

We provide insight you can really use. Based on the roadmap we’ve developed, we’ll review the progress of the plan at key milestones, ensuring that results are in line with expectations.

Course Correct

We adapt to the situation on the ground. After reviewing, we’ll be able to help you make adjustments to support your plan. We’ll give you insights that allow you to be agile, anticipating challenges before they arrive.

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