Pangaea Express: Cross Border Drug Sales One Step Closer to Canadian Shortages

June 14, 2019

By Ben ParryMarla Weingarten

This week, Florida Governor DeSantis approved the State’s drug importation bill. President Trump has called for the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Alex Azar to help implement bills by Florida, Vermont and a number of other U.S. States that have already approved bills to allow for cross border importation of Canadian drugs. They are all waiting for the green light from the federal HHS. Alex Azar had previously announced his willingness to look at importation of certain drugs, those unprotected by patents, that had the potential to significantly inflate their prices. But this type of importation did not include the breadth of drugs Florida and many other states want to import.

If the US HHS approves the cross-border sales of Canadian drugs to Americans, we could see drug shortage situations like we have never seen before. Canadian industry affiliates must plan, schedule and secure drug supply from Global to meet the needs of Canadians. Trump’s bullying tactics directed at US Pharma companies to lower their prices could have huge repercussions for us north of the border. In a quote from, DeSantis’ advisor claimed, “we are on a mission from God.”1

Is there any response from the Feds on what could be a catastrophe for Canadian patients? A Canadian Cross-Border Allocation Program is recommended if the price of your product in Canada is less than in the US.

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