Channel Marketing

Channel marketing is the geographical identification of all touch points in selection and initiation of drugs in specific channels.

What you get

  • Exceptional insight into the flow of product and money and changing regulations in every Canadian province
  • Access to our carefully fostered relationships in all channels
  • Comprehensive channel benchmarks to back up our recommendations and clearly demonstrate where you can expect results in resource optimization, activities or pricing
  • Ongoing relationships with our consultants for timely review and support for the management and tendering processes in your channels


What you get

  • Leverage with retail pharmacy and pharmacists
  • Assessment of whether you’re maximizing the potential of your brand sales through changing pharmacy regulations
  • Hands-on transactional dealmaking within the complex flow of stakeholders, product and money


What you get

  • An overview of the changing hospital landscape
  • Insight into buying groups and provincial variations
  • Assistance with segmentation modeling for targeted deployment within the channel
  • Help selecting the right distribution network
  • Guidance on how discounts, rebates and grants can be positioned to gain exclusive accounts and renewable contracts

Long-Term Care (LTC)

What you get

  • An overview of the components of [LTC]{.caps}
  • Portfolio assessment to determine channel appropriateness
  • Deployment recommendation plan
  • Pilot implementation to fine tune the effective release of your product

Specialty Care

Navigate the complex issues surrounding drugs that are high-cost, have safety issues, specialized methods of administration, special handling, or specific location/patent support requirements.

What you get

  • Complete environmental overview and benchmarks for competing offerings, resourcing, activities and pricing
  • Benchmarks for all direct-to-patient channel options
  • Insight into best practices for assigning benefits for reimbursement

Home Care

What you get

  • Environmental overview of this burgeoning channel, with a focus on the movement of money and reimbursement for drugs as they vary from province to province

Internet Pharmacy

What you get

  • Environmental review
  • Benchmarks against industry standards
  • Development of a customized allocation plan
  • Identification and maintenance of Web and physical addresses
  • Assessment of cross-border threats for the entire portfolio or a specific brand

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