Other Services

Litigation & s.8 PM(NOC) Regulations

  • Stepped methodology to quantify the impact of pricing, provincial regulations, and trade spend in the but-for world
  • Two directors qualified as experts by the federal court

Pricing & Reimbursement

  • High level review of pricing strategies (all stages of life cycle)
  • Reimbursement strategy development

Strategic & Tactical Plan Reviews

  • Independent plan review by experienced panel of consultants to identify gaps, opportunities/ areas for further exploration

Customer segmentation & resource deployment

  • Customized audience reports that describe new segments for brands
  • In depth analysis of field force size requirements (Panoramix Advantage®)
  • Fine tune existing deployment (Panoramix Diagnostic®)

Pangaea Academy

  • Customized curriculum/ workshops
  • Set curriculum: MPiC®, BPSP®
  • Coaching & mentoring

Organization & Leadership Development

For leaders

  • Assessment tools for team effectiveness
  • Individual assessments with personalized tests (Emotional Intelligence in Leadership, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Leadership Styles, Learning Styles)
  • Mentoring & coaching plan development

For organizations

  • Organization development (OD) execution plan
  • Diagnosis of management strengths through stakeholder interviews (Building on Strengths)
  • Online surveys (Capabilities Snapshot) to assess operational effectiveness, agility, customer satisfaction, opportunities for innovation, learning culture

Venture Capital

  • Overview of Canadian healthcare sector opportunity being evaluated
  • Knowledge of the flow of product offering and money

Commercial Assessments

  • Market &/or product assessments for go/no go decisions
  • Product potential assessments
  • Resource needs and benchmarks
  • Environmental Overviews of healthcare system and disease state treatment pathways