Strategic Insights & Resourcing

For executives

What are the implications for your business of the increasingly complex healthcare and pharmaceutical environment? Our senior executives collaborate to monitor changes on the landscape, and keep you in the loop.

  • Workshops: We facilitate discussions, provide group resources and handouts, and document and follow up on action items. Get the latest on industry developments, federal/provincial issues, payers, channel reviews, and more.

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Topics & Trends™

Get the scoop from your source on the inside!

Topics & Trends™ is Pangaea's long running, definitive bi-monthly update on the Canadian pharma landscape. Whether you're looking to establish your company's brands across Canada's diverse regional markets or looking to make a strategic move within the marketplace, this report offers the insights you need to know.

Comprised of data from our extensive research, monitoring and networks built with over 16 years in the industry, Topics & Trends™ is an indispensable resource for anyone building pharma brands in Canada.

Available as part of a larger consulting package or as a 1 year, bi-monthly subscription.

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Strategic Planning Sessions

For business leaders

Develop distinctive future-based strategies and focus activities for your organization, function, department or brand. We provide trained facilitators with deep industry experience to challenge participants on assumptions and beliefs, and assure adherence to process.

  • Planning workshops foster common understanding, alignment and commitment to strategic direction among team members. These workshops are collaboratively developed, completely customized, highly interactive, visionary in nature and provide a positive learning experience.
  • Development workshops keep your organization on a path of growth and sustainability. These organization, team, and leadership development workshops integrate:
    • Business planning Vision, culture and values
    • High-level objective identification
    • Team building exercises

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Canadian Critical Paths

Key Steps for Success in Canadian Pharma

The international healthcare landscape is constantly changing, and organizations need specialized guidance to enter any new marketplace. For companies looking to establish a business in Canada, the healthcare industry and delivery system should be approached like ten countries in one—each province has a different set of rules and each is primarily responsible for drug reimbursement. So where do you start?

Pangaea can help make the path clear. Our knowledge and critical path planning means you can get your business established in Canada, and successfully launch your products.

Canada 101: Corporate Start-Up Critical Path

Newcomer to the marketplace? Let us guide you with corporate and brand introductions. This includes marketing planning, planning, sales force requirements, trade logistics and corporation setup.

What you get

  • Analysis of your therapeutic areas of interest so we can develop your customized critical path
  • Review of all aspects of commercialization for a broad view of your project:
    • Filing and approval
    • Market access
    • Logistics and distribution
    • Marketing and KOL development
    • Corporate deployment
  • A detailed critical path from Importer of Record, 3PL and Establishment License, Terms and Conditions for Sale, through to deployment strategies, to kickstart your Canadian organization
  • Identification and introduction to strategic partners to ensure a small footprint.

PMPRB Engagement & Management

Will you be introducing a medication to the Canadian market that is covered by a patent? Your obligations under the Patented Medicines Price Review Board (PMPRB) start the moment you make product available to Canadian patients. You will be required to file certain information with the PMPRB regularly.

What you get:

Expert consulting on PMPRB engagement:

  • PMPRB 101 for New Canadian Entries. A one hour session explaining your obligations regarding:
    • The PMPRB Mandate and Jurisdiction
    • The PMPRB pricing test process
    • Corrective measures that can be ordered
  • Options and opportunities for early PMPRB engagement (pre-NOC) that will aid in optimizing your Canadian pricing and reimbursement strategy:
    • Human Drug Advisory Panel (HDAP) – pre-clearance evaluation and guidance
    • Health Canada Special Access Programmes (SAP) – PMPRB considerations for fee-based and compassionate use protocols
  • Turn-key solutions for PMPRB filings and engagement management:
    • Pre-NOC HDAP consultation - including submission creation, filing, follow-up, report interpretation, and recommendations for optimizing your Canadian pricing and reimbursement strategy (in Canada / global implications)
    • First-year filing service – SOP design for efficient PMPRB data gathering for your organization, submissions preparation & filing, reporting and records management aligned with your compliance requirements
    • Second- / subsequent-year filing service – ongoing PMPRB filings management

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Brand Launch Critical Path

Launching a new brand? We can help you successfully bring a new product to the primary, oncology, specialty care or rare disease market.

What you get

  • Key milestones for an at-a-glance overview of what’s next
  • Gap identification report to ensure activities and timing do not affect critical milestones
  • Comparative benchmarks and expert perspective on critical steps and time to completion, for an up-to-the-minute view of your position in the evolving Canadian healthcare system
  • Complete commercial launch plan

Loss of Exclusivity Critical Path

Facing loss of exclusivity (LOE)? We can help you delay LOE or maintain revenue after LOE.

What you get

  • Key milestones for a quick, clear view of what you need to do
  • In-depth critical steps report with details on timing and activity gaps
  • Expert benchmarks perspective report on critical steps and current time-to-complete for all therapeutic components: Narrow therapeutic index, biosimilars and normal API products
  • Complete strategic and tactical plan to implement

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There are numerous issues that arise that lead to the question “I wonder what the Industry standard is?” We leverage our extensive network and a simple yet effective process to enable you to benchmark these issues.

We collaboratively develop a questionnaire that will deliver the information you are looking for.. We tap into our extensive network to obtain confidential responses that are shared with you in an aggregate. We provide participants with a few top line, anonymous results, making it worthwhile for them to participate.

Areas we have looked at include:

  • Salesforce versus MSL activity
  • Medical and Commercial deployment
  • Governance and compliance standards
  • New product launch structure and process
  • Organizational structures
  • Patient financial assistance support