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Compliance Conundrum

Corporate policies and guidelines can often differ from the regulations allowed in Canada. When corporate governance spills into this country, promotional practices may be restricted, limiting Industry’s ability to compete in the Canadian marketplace.


Pangaea’s experts can evaluate how corporate governance aligns with Canadian regulations and industry standards by:

  • Identifying where corporate governing rules differ from Canadian policy (i.e. Innovative Medicines of Canada and Health Canada)

  • Benchmarking corporate policies, Innovative Medicines of Canada codes & common practices in Canada to offer clients an understanding of where they fit within the governance landscape

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Private Payers

Canadians value their drug coverage and plan sponsors (employers) in Canada are seeking solutions to keep the cost of important medications manageable. The pursuit of “value” in healthcare and pharmaceuticals is driving new scrutiny and this is costing industry time and money.  


Being proactive, innovative and solution-oriented while keeping ahead of payer tactics is now critical for success   

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Quebec Update

Healthcare in many provinces continues to edge toward 50% of overall expenditures which is not sustainable. This has led some to initiate dramatic changes in the scope and payment for Healthcare services.

Quebec has taken the lead with a variety of Bills, driven by their new legislation which mandates that they cannot run an overall fiscal deficit. They need to dramatically reduce health care expenditures to achieve this. The cuts include: reductions on payment to physicians, removal of significant funds from Long Term Care Pharmacy and a reduction of funding to hospitals, to name a few. The most significant for Pharma is Bill 28, which allows the Minister to enter Provincial Listing agreements, (PLA”S) and join the Pan Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance.

Pangaea can help you to stay on top of these changes and the implications:

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The Pangaea team represents a wide range of industry experience and capabilities, which they are able to apply in a very practical and cost effective manner. Going forward, I anticipate that we will continue to work with the Pangaea team on pre launch planning and market development projects.

—James Hall, Vice President Sales & Marketing , Astellas Canada

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