MedsCheck Gets a Re-Set in Ontario July 2016

July 22, 2016

By Kyra Trainor

What’s new?

The review of Ontario’s MedsChecks is in. Changes are being mandated and the work is being standardized:

  1. Patient engagement
    a. Brochure to educate the patient and let them decide if the service is right for them
    b. Informs patient the service is optional
    c. Informs patient the service is being paid for by the Ontario government

  2. Mandatory acknowledgement by the patient (LTC patients exempt):
    a. Requires a patient signature annually on a form mandated by the ministry to ensure patients know what they are agreeing to before the service is provided
    b. Replaces patient signature on Medication List

  3. Mandatory documentation
    a. Pharmacist worksheet (mandatory) and professional notes required
    b. Mandatory ministry drug list template
    c. Communication (sharing of drug list) with the physician required using mandatory ministry template (Health Care Provider Notification of MedsCheck Service)
    d. Proof of communication with prescriber required (fax transmission record)

  4. Privacy:
    a. No MedsChecks through a drive through window, via telephone or videoconference
    b. Patient should have undivided attention of pharmacist during MedsCheck

  5. Follow-ups
    a. Expected where required (where drug related problem identified). This is new.
    b. Use “MedsCheck Take Home Summary” to inform patient of follow up (optional)

  6. MedsCheck diabetes
    a. MedsCheck Diabetes follow-up replaced with diabetes education
    b. MedsCheck to include:
    i. Pharmacist worksheet
    ii. Completed drug list
    iii. Diabetes education checklist
    iv.Diabetes Education Patient Take Home Summary

  7. Funding:
    a. No changes

  8. Timing:
    a. Soft launch July 2016
    b. Official start October 1, 2016

No more “quickie” MedsChecks.
No more having uniformed patients signing a document that, unknown to the patient, is required for billing purposes.
No more MedsChecks at the cash register (privacy and undivided attention required).
No more quotas.
No more “cherry-picking” easy MedsCheck opportunities (easy money).

About MedsChecks Started in Ontario in 2007 and expanded in 2010 as a way to extract more value from pharmacists by having them provide cognitive services that would optimize the value of drug therapy.

The reason for these changes: Studies by the Ontario Pharmacy Council and the Ontario Pharmacy Research Collaboration (OPEN) revealed concerns about Quality of the work Performance metrics that encouraged volume (revenue) over quality Low % of complex patients receiving the service (despite this being a target group for the service)

These guidelines are available here clarify the guiding principles of the program and standardize the process. This should help support those pharmacists who seek to deliver value via cognitive services.

Expect scrutiny of the program to continue. Funding can be cut with the stroke of a pen if pharmacy fails to deliver in this second round.

For more information contact Kyra Trainor, Director, The Pangaea Group or 647-407-3592