MSL Benchmarking in Canada: Pangaea Study Now Underway and Results Available September 2017

May 25, 2017

By Kyra Trainor

For more information, please contact Kyra Trainor, Director, The Pangaea Group

Pangaea is currently assisting Biotech and Pharmaceutical clients to benchmark MSL Activity in Canada through their participation in a MSL Benchmarking study. This study focuses on all aspects of MSL structure, training, deployment, responsibility, value and measurement. A diverse and large number of companies are involved in the project, and the results will be available in September 2017 to those participating. The knowledge and insights gathered from this comprehensive survey will help support company business decisions related to MSL structure and deployment, compensation, metrics, training programs, and reveal some key learnings when communicating MSL value. Ultimately, the study information may also assist clients in both recruiting and retaining top MSL talent.