Pangaea Express: Canada Ratifies USMCA

March 17, 2020

By Marla Weingarten

On Friday, March 13, just prior to the suspension of Parliament due to COVID-19, both the House of Commons and the Senate approved the new USMCA within hours of each other. As Canada was the last hold out for approving the 3-way trade deal, all politicians agreed that passing the bill was in the best interest of Canadians at this time. Only the Governor General’s signature is required as a formality. As a reminder, the 10-year extended data protection for biologic drugs was dropped, and thus remains at 8 years in Canada.

"In a letter to the US Congress on Wednesday, Mr. Lighthizer (U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer) sent notice of an entry-into-force date of June 1 for USMCA". (1) The Canadian legislature plans to resume all activity on April 20, 2020.

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