Pangaea Express: Establishment of Advisory Panel to Design Pan-Canadian Formulary

July 28, 2021

By Marla Weingarten

CADTH has announced the establishment of a Special Advisory Panel to design a potential pan-Canadian formulary. This past May, Health Canada asked CADTH to provide them with a recommended framework for developing this potential prescription drug list. The Advisory Panel’s 14 members were recruited in July from across Canada including health care providers (nursing, pharmacy and medicine), individuals with backgrounds in ethics and health policy and persons with lived and living experiences.

The Advisory Panel will:

  • Recommend principles and a framework for developing a pan-Canadian prescription drug list

  • Recommend an initial list of commonly prescribed drugs and a transparent method for adding to this list

  • Consult with key stakeholders including health system partners, federal, provincial and territorial governments, patients, clinicians, industry and others

Timing: The Advisory Panel’s recommendations will be completed by the end of April 2022. A final report will be submitted to Health Canada, shared with provincial and territorial governments, and made available publicly. During the process, there will be opportunities for stakeholders to contribute feedback on the Advisory Panel’s work through a 3-part webinar series and by providing written submissions.

The timing of this announcement is not surprising as the Liberals will likely speak to the development of this pan-Canadian formulary in support of their dedication towards a national pharmacare program as they begin their election campaign.

For more information, please contact Marla Weingarten.