Michelle Stewart



One of Canada’s premier innovators, Michelle Stewart is a veteran of conferences, classrooms and symposiums. Beginning as the first Canadian pharmacist to lead a walk-in clinic, Michelle progressed to Clinical Lead of five ambulatory pharmacy clinics in Nova Scotia. Today she works in various pharmacy settings throughout the province, actively utilizing the entirety of her scope in providing much needed services.

Her volunteer work includes contributions in both advocacy and regulation as prior Board Director for the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia and her currently held position as Councilor, Nova Scotia’s College of Pharmacists. She has also shared her expertise on endeavors by CPHA, Neighborhood Pharmacy Association, OPA & NAPRA and has created her own pharmacy podcast series, Canadian Pharmer.

Michelle strives to implement services that are most needed within communities, which has prompted her to acquire specialized training. Chronic Disease Management Certification, Certified Diabetes Educator, Anticoagulation Management Certification and Lab Test Certification have enabled her to demonstrate the value of pharmacists in primary care. With these tools and perseverance, pharmacy is being leveraged within the healthcare system like never before and according to Michelle, this is just the beginning!

Michelle will be assisting Pangaea clients in understanding the ever changing role of the Pharmacist in various Pharmacy channels and the exciting opportunities for partnering with industry.